A Gluten Free Holiday Menu that will Rock Your World

By Jenny Stegen | November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving guests next to the gluten free feast at the Stegen house

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Feast 2019 at the Stegens

Guests enjoying their gluten free Thanksgiving meal at the Stegens

Enjoying the Thanksgiving Feast

I heard Christmas music on the radio for the first time since last year - you know what that means . . . the Holidays are coming! We love the holiday season. The pandemic may change the way we celebrate in 2020, but good food always brings joy.

As a child, my grandmother was right next door and she taught me the importance of delicious food!  That's what grandma's do - they show their love and nurture you through feeding you. She fed everyone who walked through her door - and if you weren't hungry - too bad - you were going to sit down and eat!

It will take many more years of practice to master Grandma's level of cooking. I do work at it regularly and really enjoy cooking for my four children with celiac disease. We have always enjoyed hosting company and it's a bit of a science learning how to cook gluten free food that tastes good to an entire crowd. Grandma never had to cook without wheat flour. This would have been a challenge for her - but I have no doubt she would have mastered that too.

I have managed to find some wonderful gluten free recipes that are consistent winners. I want to share my holiday menu with you in hopes you will try some things that you, too, will enjoy with your loved ones. These recipes are great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

I will disclose that these recipes are not my own original works. They have been shared over the years by friends or family, or discovered on the internet. I have modified many of them to make them gluten free. You will notice I am a little heavy on dessert options, and I have Grandma to thank for the sweet tooth!

I am so happy to finally share some favorite recipes with you. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

Mandarin Orange Almond Lettuce Salad

This colorful salad is a great starter for your holiday meal. Crunchy, candied almonds on mixed greens tossed with tangy homemade vinaigrette. Top with mandarins or sliced strawberries and you have a salad bursting with flavor that is sure to please your palate.

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Mixed greens with almonds, mandarins, tomatoes

Ham Balls with Brown Sugar Glaze

Though they are delicious, turkey and ham can get a little repetitive and unexciting. This main dish will have your family coming back for more. We always have a contest to see who eats the most. My husband ate 15 once (not medically recommended). These ham balls will truly knock your Christmas socks off.

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Boys serving up some gluten free ham balls
Ham Balls with Brown Sugar Glaze

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

Easy, cheesy, and super delicious, this casserole is a great side dish with any meal. Top it with crispy gluten free french fried onions and don't plan on any leftovers!

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Green bean casserole with gluten free french fried onions

Homemade Gluten Free Stuffing

We celebrate Thanksgiving with one of my very best friends who I met in graduate school. Joyce is a true blessing and I will never forget when my kids were diagnosed with celiac disease she sent two wonderful cookbooks in the mail. They came at a time when I was feeling pretty lost and frustrated about gluten free cooking. Thank God for good friends!

Joyce is a wonderful cook and she created her own recipe for homemade gluten free stuffing - just for my kids! I know what you're thinking - everyone needs a friend like Joyce! You are right! Not only do my gluten free kids love this stuffing - we all scarf this stuff down like noone's business! So happy to share it with you.

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Gluten Free Stuffing in serving dish

Chocolate Ice Cream Pudding Dessert

This is guaranteed to become one of your family's favorite desserts. Such a simple, chilled, chocolaty dessert on a crispy gluten free graham cracker crust. It keeps very well in the refrigerator for a few days (if you have any leftover - good luck with that!)

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Chocolate ice cream pudding mixture being poured onto gluten free graham cracker crust

Gluten Free Apple Crisp

My oldest son is an apple crisp-aholic. He leaves for college next year and he wants to figure out a way I can send him apple crisp by mail. You can't beat the amazing aroma of apple crisp baking in the oven for the Holidays. Top it with a little vanilla ice cream and my family votes for this over pie any day!

Click here for the recipe

Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Gluten Free Pumpkin Bars

I credit this recipe to the Lexi Michelle blog. All I did to modify it was use Domata gluten free flour in place of wheat flour. These are super duper mouth-watering and delicious - enough said.

In any recipe that includes flour I highly recommend you use the spoon and sweep method for measuring flour. If you just dunk the cup into the bag of flour and level it off you get more than you need. The spoon and sweep method gives you just the right amount of flour for your recipes.

Learn more about this correct measuring method at cuisineatthehome.com

Find the recipe for these amazing bars here

Serving a Gluten free Pumpkin bar

Sure hope these recipes add some cheer to your Holiday Season!♥


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