Gluten Free Tool Box

I've put together a listing of my very favorite gluten free resources that have been life-savers for our family - I hope they will help you as well. Check them out!

Gluten Free Websites

  • Beyond Celiac - Beyond Celiac is an organization that plays a major role in advocacy and raising awareness for celiac disease. This site shares everything you need to know about living with celiac disease - plus the latest research, news, and events.
  • - This site was developed by the Celiac Disease Foundation. The foundation provides funding for medical research that will lead to the discovery of better treatments and a cure. They also promote patient and healthcare provider education and public policy advocacy. Learn about the latest research and clinical trials.
  • - This site shares up to date articles pertaining to a gluten free lifestyle. The information is written and reviewed by healthcare experts like doctors and dieticians. Search for safe choices from a number of product categories such as candy, lip balms, beans, vitamins, and so much more. I recently found a wonderful article on the safest gluten free fast-food restaurants. This site is a winner!
  • - This is an independent company that performs reliable testing for gluten on select food products. The founder of the company, Tricia Thompson, is a registered dietician, expert nutritionist, and a huge advocate for the gluten free community. She works to improve food labeling standards and regulations. She writes valuable articles about product labeling and product recalls. You have access to many of these articles for free. For a reasonable monthly subscription, you can get access to product test results. You can also submit a request for a product to be tested. Awesome work, Tricia!
  • - A great place to find celiac friendly restaurants in your destination. You can use the website or download the app. Includes restaurant reviews by gluten free customers. Very valuable when you are on the road searching for a place to eat.

Gluten Free Apps

The gluten free scanner app - This app allows you to scan products as you shop to check for the presence of gluten. The paid version (called Gluten Free Scanner FULL) is friendly on the wallet ($3.99) and gives you access to thousands of products. You have the ability to search by product or ingredient. The app will store your scanning history.

Find me gluten free app - This free app helps you find celiac friendly restaurants. You can search by destination and food type. It includes reviews from gluten free customers. An excellent resource for finding safe places when you are away from home.

Dedicated gluten free - For those who love to travel, this app helps you find 100% dedicated gluten free restaurants around the world.

Letters to Help Gluten Free Students and Children

These letters were designed to make the gluten free lifestyle easier for students in the school setting. Just edit, print, and take to school!

Give this letter to people who might be responsible for feeding your gluten free child for a short period of time. This might be a grandparent or someone hosting your child for an overnight or a weekend. Intended for anyone who is not familiar with gluten free food prep who needs to become quickly familiarized to keep your child safe


For Healthcare Providers

The following resources will help guide your patients as they learn to live a gluten free lifestyle:

Cross-conmatination 101. This series of posts explains the problem of cross-contamination and outlines the important steps to take to prevent accidental gluten exposure.  A must read for those with celiac disease.

This graphic provides visual reminders of what to avoid to prevent cross-contamination. I recommend printing this to be posted in the kitchen.

This graphic demonstrates imporant steps to follow to prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen - another good one to print and post at home.

Print and review this spectrum of products with your patients to teach them which food categories are safest.

Help your patients learn to identify gluten with this easy step-by-step label reading guide.

Use this flow chart along with the step-by-step guide as a visual outline of the steps to take when reading labels.

Is your patient a student at school who needs to be on a gluten free meal plan? This letter contains everything needed to get the child off to a good start. Copy this letter, paste into your letterhead, edit, and print for your patient.

Other Helpful Gluten Free Resources

These are graphics I created to summarize steps to take to prevent cross contamination and accidental gluten exposure. Great for sharing with someone who has to prepare gluten free food or someone having a gluten free guest.

This graphic categorizes foods according to their risk of containing gluten

This flow chart takes you step by step through the process of identifying gluten on a food label. This will help you choose safe foods every time!

The steps in the above flow chart are explained in my post entitled Identifying Gluten on Food Labels: Become a Master in Minutes.
This post (along with the flow chart) is your no-fail guide to detecting gluten and discovering a wonderful variety of safe foods.

Certified Gluten Free Logos

Look for these logos on products with a gluten free certification. These products meet the highest level of testing standards of any gluten free products on the market, and you can be assured they are celiac safe.

The logos in the top row will soon be changing to a new look (represented by the arrow)

Certified Gluten Free Logos: GFCO, NCA, GFCP, GFCP Canada, NSF, and AOECS