The Best Gluten Free Grilled Sandwiches

By Jenny Stegen | November 3, 2021

Grilled gluten free sandwiches on the griddle

I will start by saying these sandwiches are awesome! Better yet, they are easy! Gluten free bread does not have a super great texture, but certain companies have developed recipes that are pretty darn good. Our favorite is the Canyon Bakehouse 7-grain bread. If you prefer white, many people like Udi’s delicious soft white bread or Schar Artisan Baker white bread. Here is something you didn't know . . . when it comes to toasting or grilling, gluten free bread is the winner! There is something about toasted gluten free bread that is crispier and tastier than regular bread . . . try it for yourself! Also, if you don't have a griddle, I highly recommend this Presto non-stick griddle. We use this thing all the time to make our pancakes, french toast, bacon, and grilled sandwiches!

Special instructions:

Butter 2 slices of gluten free bread. Top with gluten free sliced sandwich meat and your favorite cheese. We use Hormel Natural Choice honey ham or Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh meats. It is best to use meats that have a gluten free statement on the label. Our family loves colby jack, provolone, and swiss cheese. Grill both sides until nice and crispy and the cheese is melted. I often lay the meat slices directly on the griddle for a minute to warm them up before placing them on the bread. Once the grilling is complete, you can top it off by adding lettuce, onion, pepper, pickles, mayo. . . any of your favorite toppings . . . CRISPY and DELICIOUS!

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