Top 10 Things You Wish You Had Known to Prevent ‘Glutening’ Your Guest

By Jenny Stegen | August 30, 2020

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Getting glutened is another term for unintentionally exposing yourself or someone else to gluten. People living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance feel very sick after exposure to gluten. Common symptoms of being glutened include stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, exhaustion. These symptoms certainly take the fun out of a good time! These are some common mistakes and assumptions people make that result in glutening your guest or loved one. We know it is never your intention to make your guest sick. Read this post - your guest will love you for it!

#1 Don't ever assume anything is gluten free

Woman in kitchen working at computer while on the phone

Involve your guest in the meal planning

Know how to identify gluten on food labels and be sure to involve your gluten free guest when planning the menu. Good communication with your guest will help you make safe choices and learn their preferences. You don’t want your guest to have any anxiety about what they are eating. Involving them will reduce anxiety and help keep them safe. They want to hear from you!

#2 Don’t use your toaster to toast their gluten free bread

Toaster with toast popping up

Your toaster is full of wheat crumbs that will inevitably contaminate their gluten free bread. Believe me, they would rather go without toast.

#3 Don’t use your mixer

Stand up mixer with attachment

The attachments hang on to traces and remnants of batter and gluten from previous use. The safest way to mix up a GF cake or GF cookies is to use the good old fashioned spoon and bowl method.

#4 Avoid using your old non-stick frying pans

used non-stick frying pan

Avoid using your old non-stick frying pans that have scratches, scrapes, and residue on the surface. Choose a lightly used pan or a stainless steel pan. If you must use an older non-stick pan, wash it really well with warm soapy water.

#5 Use caution when using your air-fryer

Air fryer basket being washed under running water

Do not use if the basket has collected a lot of residue or build up. Wash it very well prior to use to remove crumbs and debris.

#6 Look for wheat in seasoning packets

Gluten free McCormick taco seasoning packet

Chili seasoning packets and taco seasoning packets often contain wheat. Check for wheat on the label and use gluten free versions of these products.

#7 Don't use shared butter, peanut butter, and jam

toast crumbs in tub of butter


Avoid using your shared supply of butter, peanut butter, and jam. These products are full of crumbs containing gluten. Have a fresh supply of these items available for your gluten free guest. Label them so others know these are exclusively for your guest. Your guest will love you for this and you can use up the leftovers after they leave.

#8 Kellogg's Rice Krispies are not gluten free

Gluten free Malt O Meal crispy rice cereal

This crispy rice cereal is gluten free

They contain malt flavoring which is derived from barley. People often assume this cereal is safe because it is made from rice. Not true! Use a gluten free version of crispy rice cereal to make your rice crispy bars. Similarly, Crispix are not gluten free, you need to use Rice Chex to make puppy chow. Trust me, the gluten free versions of these treats taste every bit as good.

#9 Oats are naturally gluten free

Bob's Red Mill gluten free oats

These oats are labeled gluten free

Unfortunately, they are often contaminated with wheat during the harvesting and manufacturing process. Assume all things with oats contain gluten unless it is specifically labeled gluten free.

#10 Reconsider restaurant foods

Waitress handing menu to customers in restaurant

Gluten free on a menu does not always mean gluten free

Restaurant foods carry very high risk of being contaminated with gluten. Talk to your guest before making plans to order from a restaurant.

Did you know your kitchen is a common source of gluten cross-contamination? For more information on safe preparation of gluten free food please refer to my post entitled Quick Guide to Safely Preparing Gluten Free Food.

There you have it! Trust me, your gluten free guest will love you for being aware of these common mistakes.


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