Gluten Free Tips for On the Road School Events

By Jenny Stegen | October 12, 2020

Connor running hard to finish line at out of town cross-country meet

Know a student who is at school all day and all night? Kids are more involved than ever which means more time on the road and less time at home.

For out of town school activities, talk to the coaches or instructors in charge to see if they plan to stop at a restaurant. There’s a chance that the restaurant might have some safe gluten free options. This article provides an excellent summary of safer fast food options for GF customers. I noticed it does not include Culver's or Red Robin and some of these locations do an excellent job at providing gluten free food. Each restaurant within a chain can be a little different, i.e. not all Culver's are created equal. Always call ahead and make sure they use good practices to prevent cross-contamination (more details below under Restaurants section of this post). Plan in advance what your child will order off the menu and remind them to inform the server that the order is gluten free.

When your child is traveling, it is always wise to plan and prepare as though there will not be access to gluten free food. You would hate for him/her to be stuck without food after a long and tiresome day. A game-changer for on-the-road activities is a good portable cooler that will keep things cold for many hours. This backpack cooler is amazing. It looks much like a school backpack. It is easy to carry, leakproof, and keeps things cold all day long. They can carry the backpack for food and a duffle bag for their other necessities. Our very favorite ice packs are the Arctic Zone ice packs. They are the perfect size and are still partially frozen when the kids get home from school.

Finally, make sure to send money in case there is an opportunity to get a drink or snack. Most kids over age 13 have phones. Get a good wallet case that discreetly holds a debit card or a small amount of cash. This Spigen Slim Armor case is available for older Apple iPhone models and the newer models too. Make sure to have a discussion with your child about keeping their phone in a safe place, and responsibly storing it in their bag when they cannot carry it with them.

Looking for portable snacks to pack for the road? Check out my post on Top 12 Gluten Free Snacks.

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