WHERE can I find sources of cross-contamination?

By Jenny Stegen | October 25, 2020

Gluten in Your Kitchen

Let's take a tour through the kitchen and talk about some sources of cross-contamination. As I mentioned in my introduction to our gluten free lifestyle: gluten hides and lingers on surfaces in small cracks, crevices, corners, scratches, holes, and pores.  

Here's where you will find it:

Jenny Stegen with her awesome set of Pyrex bowls

Your Food

Certain foods are likely to be cross-contaminated with wheat. This usually happens during harvesting or at some point during the manufacturing process.  Refer to my spectrum of risk as a guide. Unfortunately, sources of cross-contamination do not have to be disclosed on your food labels.  Don’t hesitate to call the manufacturer of the product to ask about the possibility of cross-contamination. Items labeled gluten free should be safe and free of cross-contamination. 

Remember, you can never go wrong with fresh foods: fruits, vegetables, eggs, unprocessed meats. These are always the safest and healthiest choices.


Restaurants are notorious for cross-contamination. Unless the restaurant is 100% gluten free it is very difficult to follow strict protocols that will keep your food safe. Be very cautious, even if menu items are labeled gluten free. Learn more about restaurants in my article entitled How to Find Celiac Safe Restaurants.

Now you are able to identify sources of cross-contamination. You are doing great! Your next step is learning how to prevent exposure to these sneaky sources of gluten. Read on to learn more.

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